Diagonal Line Pattern

Under Use, pick Pattern and under Custom Pattern, locate the diagonal line pattern we just created. Press OK to apply the pattern using the Fill command.

Again, the size and shape is up to you here. To make your diagonal line a pattern, go to "Edit > Define Pattern". You will then be asked to name your pattern.

For a diagonal line from left to right: Work Row 1 (RS) as above. Rows 2 and 4 (WS) Work all sts in brioche pattern.

Orange and yellow color abstract diagonal lines pattern background. adjective slanting, angled, oblique, cross, crosswise, crossways, cater-cornered (U.S. informal), cornerways a pattern of diagonal lines.

Create a new document 4 x 4 pixels with transparent background. Zoom in to max (1600%) and make a pattern simular to mine.

There are many patterns that could win you a bingo. This video will teach you how to make basic diagonal lines (also known as scan lines) in Photoshop.

This is a very quick tutorial on how to make thick diagonal lines / stripes in Photoshop. background patterns, but will tie off and jump to continue the line.

There are a lot of websites out there that use some sort of variation of a diagonal pattern. A diagonal line pattern drawing exercise in for T square and triangle.

Download for freeand up to 540,000 free RF-LL images : ABSTRACT DIAGONAL LINES PATTERN В© Madartists | Dreamstime. You can convert Photoshop brushes for use in GIMP fairly easily.

Here's a tutorial on how – http://www.wikihow. In this example I will create a diagonal line pattern, but this method can be used for any tessellating background pattern in Photoshop.

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