Eapg Pattern Glass

A clear Early American Pattern Glass compote in the Peacock Feather pattern which is also known as Georgia or Peacock Eye made by U S Glass. Below is a free preview of a sampling of eapgpatterns.

EARLY AMERICAN PATTERN GLASS PAGE 1. We offer free shipping on all eligible items over $50.00. Early American Pattern Glass for the discriminating collector. EAPG Pattern Glass 1850-1910, Glassware, Glass, Pottery & Glass.

Great deals on colored, flint, other, ruby stained. TomFolio Category: Glass and Glassware, EAPG Pattern Glass.

I wrote this guide primarily for collectors of EAPG Early American Pattern Pressed Glass , c 1825-1915. But it can easily apply to most other types of collectible glass.

Early American Pattern Glass is pressed glass from circa 1880 to 1915. EAPG, Early American Pattern Glass, was made only in the US during the Victorian period of 1850-1910.

Many companies made this type of glass by the 1,000s. The pattern was made by The United States Glass Corp of Pittsburgh, PA circa 1892.

Vintage Button Panel Clear Glass Cruet Geo. Duncan & Sons – ca: 1900 here we offer a very nice Button Panel Pattern Glass Cruet. Production of Early American Pattern Glass, also known as EAPG or pattern glass, began around 1850.

Largest database of EAPG pattern info on the web. A website for collectors of Early American Pattern Glass items. Early American Pattern Glass (EAPG), also known as pressed glass, was produced from roughly 1850 to 1910.

EAPG stands for Early American Pattern Glass or Early American Pressed Glass. biz we had built a "hub" site with links to our other niche glass websites.

This Lovely, antique Victorian glass pedestal celery vase is the 'Dakota' or 'Baby Thumbprint' eapg pattern made by Ripley & Co., circa 1885. We have a wide selection of art glass and glassware for sale, including Other EAPG Pattern Glass.

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